Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Finally, finally we’ve had some snow! Naturally it wasn’t as much as they predicted, at least not here at our house, but I can see now that we’re in an unusual spot. The wind blows up the bluff from the Provo River, and it blows all our snow into Kamas. Or into the mountains. Or wherever. Yesterday it snowed most of the day, but it was all coming sideways, and drifting who knows where. Dad and I went over to the cabin so Dad could change the water filter, and while we were there, it started dumping great big flakes of snow. I hurried us home to see those wonderful snowflakes at our own house, but they didn’t come with us. Well, at least there’s some snow on the ground. The ugly rocks are finally covered up.
          Two weeks ago I said that our family reunion was going to be August 1-2, but that’s wrong. It’s the next weekend, August 7-9. I know that Donna has already reserved the campground in Midway. It’s closer than we think!
          Allen called me from Seussland, at Universal Studios in Florida! Their family was there on a vacation, and freebies paid for some of it (I think their hotel room) because they were willing to listen to a time share presentation. Go Al and Missy! Anyway, at the Seussland store they had every possible Dr. Seuss book, and Al wanted to know if I’d found my two missing ones. I haven’t, but they’re cheaper on Amazon anyway. It’s the oddest mystery, where they went. They are Horton Hatches the Egg and The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. I’m sure you’ve all checked for them already.
          My home decorating has gotten to the point that I’m ready for photos on the walls. I need an 8x10 photo of each family. (I’ve had to abandon the grandchildren-only setup. There’s no place for it.) If each of you could email me a jpeg of your most recent picture, I’ll just have them printed at Walmart. Most of you had family pictures on your Christmas cards–those would be great. Otherwise, just have somebody take a snapshot of your family, OK? The Mike Rogers days are behind us, unfortunately. I asked him once how many people could fit into his studio for a family picture, and he said 50 at the most. We’re there. He said that after that, you just go to a park and have somebody take the picture. Anyway, if you can send me the jpegs, I can get my wall of family pictures set up.
          Life is good! I love you all! Mom