Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Tomorrow I’m having the surgery on my right hand, for "trigger finger." It will stop my middle right finger from curling up and locking in place. It’s very inconvenient. You can’t play the piano or use power tools with your middle finger locked up. The surgery is merely an outpatient procedure, and I’m not even supposed to need pain meds when it’s over. I used to always be the worst case scenario with any kind of surgery, but I haven’t had any medical disasters for a long time, so I’m expecting the best possible outcome.
          About a month ago I started attending the Spanish branch in our stake, and last night they had their first party. Dad’s always up for a party, so we had a good time there. They played the newlywed game, and Dad and I were chosen for the panel, even though we’d been married the longest of anyone there. Unfortunately, we never do very well at "newlyweds," and last night we came in dead last. Fortunately, the last-place prize was the best one of all--a gift certificate for $25.00 to the new Mexican restaurant in town. (It’s across from the Gateway Grill, the place that keeps changing owners and names. But it’s supposed to be really good now.) The idea is that we’ll go on a date and get to know each other better. I hope it works! We’ll definitely enjoy the free meal! 
          A new house is going up just north of us. It’s a rambler, so it won’t block our view very much, and it’s being built by Rusty Webster, who was the original developer of this whole area. (Fieldstone Homes has left the area altogether. Yay!) The weird thing about this house is that it doesn’t seem to have any bedrooms. There are three rooms that you could possibly put a small bed in, but definitely no master bedroom. And this is supposed to be a spec home! When we have Sunday dinner here next week, maybe some of you can walk through it with us and help us figure it out. 
          Speaking of Sunday dinner, we’ll be eating at 4:00. Please let me know if you’re coming! I’m cooking king ranch chicken.
          Lots of love, Mom