Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dear Kids,
          I’m wearing cowboy boots to church today, in honor of Pioneer Day. I don’t know how it will go over in the Spanish branch. It was always OK in our regular ward, because there are so many cowboys and farmers. The boots will also help me advertise the children’s parade on Thursday. Our "float" is a hay wagon being pulled by a tractor. I asked the kids to dress like cowboys or pioneers, so that should be easy. Our primary meets together with Kamas 1st ward, and their float has a "beach party" theme. Those kids are supposed to wear bright colors and sun glasses. How does that go with Pioneer Day? Some of the Kamas 1st kids want to cross over and be cowboys. I don’t blame them.
          This week, our "River Bluffs" rock was delivered by Delta Stone. It looks really cool. The delivery guy helped us set it in place (it weighs 1700 pounds), and after that we brought out the two metal deer that Oreo hates so much. He hoped we would throw them over the edge of the hill, but we anchored them by the stone with deep stakes and metal cables. I think they’re secure enough. The neighbors have been very interested. Some of them have actually stopped in their vehicles to look at the deer. They’re very life-like. But not enough to fool the real deer, who cross our property without giving them a second glance.
          Dad and I are looking forward to helping Paul and Stefanie move next weekend. We’re going to Logan Friday morning to help them load the truck, and we’ll be staying overnight at the Riebens.’ Saturday morning we’ll all leave early for the drive to St. George. We’ll probably get there in the early afternoon, help them unload, and stay over that night. Sunday morning we’ll drive home. It sounds like a lot of fun to me. Dad and I haven’t been south for a long time. Paul is looking forward to his new job. Last week I wrote that it wasn’t exactly the kind of work he wanted, but he says that it is. 
          Donna has sent out the info for the family reunion, and it sounds like we’ll have a great time. There’s no stoppin’ the fun!
          Lots of love, Mom