Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dear Kids,
          We really enjoyed Paige’s baptism yesterday! It was a beautiful day, and so many of our family (and James’s family) were there! We also enjoyed the after party: ice cream sundaes! I wanted to hike up the hill across from Nora’s house, but it was pretty hot, and besides, Dad and I needed to make stops at Walmart and Home Depot on our way home. And we wanted to get back to working on our yard while there was still some daylight left. We have trenches dug in the front yard, and tomorrow Donna is coming to show us how we should install the sprinkler pipe and heads. It’s all different from the way I’ve done it before! Hopefully, having the advice of a professional will give us a very professional-looking yard, but I’m estimating at least two years, and maybe three, before we’re done.
          Most of you have probably heard that Paul has taken a job in St. George. It’s not exactly the kind of work he wanted, but hey, it’s a job! They didn’t string him along, like other firms have done. They actually offered him a job, and he accepted. He and Stefanie are moving on July 25th, and Dad has been enlisted to drive the big moving truck. Naturally he’s excited about that. I’m going along in our Sienna, to help haul things, and to bring Dad back home. It should be lots of fun.
          I’m still enjoying the Spanish branch, but here’s something you don’t experience every day: I was asked to be a visiting teacher, and I talked to my new partner about it. She said she was glad to have me, because her former partner is in jail. I had already heard something about that–a fiasco involving car insurance fraud. They were buying old cars, insuring them from four or five different companies, crashing them, and collecting all the money. The husband, Diego, was the mastermind, but evidently his wife was in on it, too. She used to teach Gospel Doctrine, besides being a visiting teacher, and I really enjoyed her lessons. How does that work?
          We hope you’re all enjoying summer, which is going by way too fast!
           Lots of love, Mom