Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dear Kids,
          I’ve been craving licorice taffy, which is impossible to find. I know, because I’ve been looking at all the candy displays now that Halloween is getting close. You’d think that candy corn flavored taffy would do it, since it’s fall, but it’s the licorice flavor that I crave. In desperation I went on Amazon, and of course they have it! I had lots of choices, and I bought a three pound bag for $15.00. Sure, that’s pricey, but I paid with points! And the fed ex guy brought it to our door two days later! On the Amazon home page there were some funny comments from people devoted to Amazon Prime. One man wrote, "As soon as Amazon prime offers ramen noodles, I’ll never have to leave my house again. Oh, wait . . . !"
          We’ve had yet another week of nice weather here. I’m still working in the yard, raking up rocks for next year. Dad and I have made two trips to A&K Railroad Supply on Redwood Road for railroad ties, which we’re going to put around the edge of the playground. Since we’re not ready to put them down yet, we stacked them on boards to keep them out of the mud. They average 100 pounds each, so it was no easy job. I asked Dad why two 67-year-old people would do such a project, and he said we don’t act our age. Dad has been spending lots of time at the cabin, working on the Yerf Dog. I think it’s finally ready to roll.
          Last January I had surgery for trigger finger on the third finger of my right hand, and now the fourth finger is giving me trouble. It rolls up, and when I try to unroll it, it jerks back. I have an appointment with the same doctor who did my third finger. I wish he could do something about my thumb, which has arthritis at the base of it, but he said he it’s not bad enough yet. Still, I have to open bottles with my left hand, and it’s hard to put clips in my hair. I wish I could have a whole new hand, with no problems. Maybe a transplant. Maybe from a concert pianist who died suddenly in a car wreck. Maybe my piano playing would improve, too. Just thinking.
          Life is good! I hope you all have a fun Halloween this week. Love, Mom