Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Winter keeps knocking at the door, but it hasn’t crept in yet. My phone tells me that it’s supposed to start snowing at 9am MDT, but there’s no MDT anywhere, because we went off daylight saving time at 2 am. So maybe winter is locked in the twilight zone, like MDT. We’ll find out at 9 am.
          Since we bought our Sienna almost four years ago, we’ve been annoyed by its constant honking. Every time you turn off the engine, it honks. When you lock the door, another honk. When you unlock it, another honk. If you look at it wrong, the burglar alarm goes off, and there’s no end to the honking. We finally decided we’d had enough, and we took it to the Toyota dealer to deal with it. A special automotive security system had been installed "aftermarket," and for a price, they were willing to take it out. We agreed, gladly. They pulled out a box that had innumerable wires dangling from it, and they charged us $120.00. It was worth every penny. Dad kept the box. If any of you want it for your Siennas, you’re welcome to it.
          I learned something interesting driving home from Food Town yesterday. How do you haul away a dead cow? (I’m sure Seth knows this.) You scoop up the cow with the bucket of your tractor, and then you drive it over to your pickup and dump it in. I don’t know where you take it from there. I’ll have to ask Seth. I’m sure there are places where they take dead cows.
          Three and a half weeks until Thanksgiving! Everybody who wants to come to the cabin is welcome. I’ll probably call each of you and find out your plans when the time gets closer, and make food assignments. I know for sure that I’ll be making the turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pies. 
          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom