Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dear Kids,
          We’re still having nice weather here! Friday afternoon Dad and I drove down to Rock Cliff, the nature preserve where Nora did her triathalon in 2008. The nature center was closed, but what I really wanted was to find the trail that we’d seen so often from the highway. It’s there, and it has a name: the Jordanelle Perimeter Trail. It takes off from the parking lot and goes for 13 miles around the reservoir, ending over at Keatley. Dad and I set off hiking, and we were the only people on the trail. The sun was warm and the sky was blue and the water was sparkly. What are the chances you can do a hike like that in this area, almost the middle of November! We only went about two and a half miles, because it was late in the afternoon and we hadn’t brought any water. But next time we plan to go farther. By the way, it would make a nice family home evening hike for anybody in the area. On our way back, we finally ran into somebody, and it was Phares Gines, from our ward. Dad wondered what were the chances of running into a ward member there, and I said probably 100%, especially since we were still in our ward boundaries.
          We’re still working on our playground, way longer than we expected to. On Monday we put together our swing set, the one from the back yard of our house on Stillwater. Then Dad put together the airplane teeter-totter. (Like the one John has.) It matches our swing set! Dad assembled it on the driveway, and then we managed to carry it out to the playground and set it down there. I wish we could keep going, and put down our railroad ties and install the sand digger, but we’re supposed to have snow on Monday, and much colder temperatures after that. So our long pleasant fall weather is finally going to end.
          Last night Dad and I went to a baptism in the Spanish branch. It was sort of a last-minute thing, but very nice, anyway. It was a man, his wife, and their 8-year-old son. After the baptism I had to give a little speech welcoming the boy to primary. Then of course there was food! Lots of it! They don’t do it at home, like we do, but there in the Church. It’s lots of fun.
          Two and a half weeks till Thanksgiving! If I haven’t called you yet, I will. Or you can call me.
          Lots of love, Mom