Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday: 43 good years! We drove up the Mirror Lake Highway looking for a good hike. (Since we went camping for our honeymoon, I’m always looking for an outdoor adventure on our anniversary.) I thought we might hike Bald Mountain, but there were 2 feet of snow at the trailhead, so we drove on to Mirror Lake. The road off the highway into the lake had been blocked with snow, so we had to park there and climb around the snowbank. Other people were parked there, too. We walked the short distance to the lake, which was mostly covered with ice, and the trail around it was impassable. But it was an absolutely gorgeous day–blue sky, white clouds, pines, snow–what could be better? We talked to a couple of fishermen who hadn’t had much success. They said the water was 42 degrees.
          What else? Dad and I went to Rylee’s wedding celebration/picnic at South Fork in Provo Canyon last night. Donna came with Amy, and Nancy and Bonnie were there, too, so we had fun chatting. (Bonnie said it would have to count for the family reunion this year.) We met Rylee’s new spouse, Stephanie. So I’m wondering . . . I guess she’ll be added to the family list? Barbara is keeping it now. Will her daughter be added as a great-grandchild of Grandma and Grandpa Allen? She’s a very nice little girl.
          Our pavilion was nearly at the end of the Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run, and runners were still coming down the road when we got there. Most of them looked practically dead, but Bonnie said that Becca had trotted by earlier, jaunty and waving at them, looking fresh as a daisy. Whitney was supposed to be running, too, but we didn’t see her.
           Bonnie also told us that Jane and Joe are buying a house at the north end of Springville, and she showed us pictures of it. It’s right next to the mountain. When they move in, I’ll have four sisters in Utah Valley. We’ll have to have lots of get-togethers.
          Life is good! I love you all! Mom