Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dear Kids,
         I was cooking up a plan for the 4th of July, having a family hike at Wolf Creek Pass, where you’re walking on top of the world, but it turns out that Paul and Stefanie are moving that weekend, and Dad and I are anxious for the trip to St. George, to help. (Dad will be driving the U-Haul truck, again.) So we’ll plan the family hike for the 24th. Donna pointed out that we just had a barbecue for Memorial Day, and it hasn’t been very long. True. I’ll put the details here in the letter, when it gets closer.
         Paul has finished his first week on the job in Ogden, so he’s officially a railroad engineer. But he doesn’t get to blow the whistle. He’ll be using a program like Sim Railroad for designing railroad systems. He told us that the width between two railroad tracks matches the width of the back ends of two horses. Who would have guessed?
         If you were driving past the Heber Airport a week or so ago, and you saw a white blur on the runway, it was John’s Porsche going 151 mph. They were having the grand re-opening the runway, (after repairs, I think) and he volunteered to test it out. Nobody saw his top speed, because he had passed all the spectators, and the only video shows him at about 100. Oh, remember how he now has everything he wants? Not so. Now he wants to buy a tractor.
          Last Sunday night we had a bunch of grandchildren here, and of course they were outside playing in the dirt and rocks. (Dad and I are working steadily on the yard, but it’s going slowly.) I keep feeling bad that we don’t have a finished play area, but then I’m always reminded that it’s the dirt they like best. Or the rocks. Dallin was sitting in my dry creek bed throwing out rocks, which I had put there with so much care. Anna was climbing on my pile of topsoil. The adults were on the swings. It’s all good.
          We hope you’re lovin’ your summer! We are, too. Mom