Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dear Kids,
          We had a record crowd for Sunday dinner at the cabin last week. Seth and Charlie and Matthew were the guests of honor, and there were about 40 more people besides, thanks to Tom and Kim’s friends, the Bradshaws, and, of course, to all the rest of you who came. I’m proud that my gigantic pot of spaghetti held up! And thanks to all the rest of you who brought food. Even a really big dinner is easy with so many people helping. 
          Our next big get-together will be the family reunion, of course. Donna will be sending out a schedule really soon. I think the fun is starting Thursday night, July 30, at the same campground we had last year. Wasatch Mountain State Park? I think that’s the name. Anyway, it will be on the schedule. I’m looking forward to all the fun! 
          Because the family reunion is coming up so soon, Dad and I aren’t planning anything in particular for the 24th, which is next Friday. With luck, we’ll be putting up the pergola on our newly-finished patio, with John’s help. The patio turned out really well, thanks to Donna’s advice, and the loan of another compactor, from her work, this time. And of course we had the help of the neighborhood muscleman to get it off and truck. And back on again. While we had the compactor, Dad used the extra road base from our patio project to finish out the parking area for his truck, on the side of our driveway. It looks very professional now, and the truck is happy.
          Dad and I will be going to a party tomorrow night with my brothers and sisters at Richard’s cabin at Tibble Fork. If any of you want to find out anything about the family, let me know. All the sources of information will be there.
          BTW, this letter today is the 500th one I’ve posted since I started doing this. Time flies!
          Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom