Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dear Kids,
          We’re looking forward to Sunday dinner at the cabin this evening, and to seeing Seth and the boys. We’re also looking forward to a record number of people eating dinner there. Tom and Kim are bringing their former neighbors (and friends,) the Bradshaws, who are going to be staying with them at the cabin for a couple of days. Along with the rest of you that are coming, there might be as many as 40 people eating. But there will be plenty of food! I’m making my famous spaghetti, and I used 10 pounds of hamburger to make 148 meatballs. (Dad helped me.) I will be cooking 4 pounds of spaghetti. There will be at least 2 desserts and 2 salads. The cabin loves a crowd, and we’ll have a good time. 
           Dad and I have been working really hard outside. We’re making a small patio out in the center of the large open area, and we’re going to put up a pergola on it. Donna told us to excavate down far enough to put in 4 or 5 inches of road base, and then we should rent a plate compactor to tamp it down. After that we needed an inch of sand, which we needed to level, before we put down the pavers. So we had Leavitt trucking deliver the road base, and we used our his ‘n hers matching wheelbarrows to haul it out to our pit. So far so good. Then I sent Dad to Diamond Rental for the compactor, and that thing is heavy! We got it off the truck and over to the pit with our hand truck, and Dad had fun running it around over the road base, but when we were done, we had no idea how to get it back up onto the truck. It must have weighed 200 pounds. We were rigging up a ramp of 2x4's, and we were going to try running the compactor up the ramp, but it wasn’t going very well. Just then, the neighborhood bodybuilder happened by. He practically lifted it with one hand. (Dad helped, too.) We thanked him, and our guardian angel, too. Later we went to the Heber Pit with our truck to get the sand. A convenient thunderstorm dumped tons of water on us when while we waited, and we drove around pools of water to the pile of sand. A loader with a bucket bigger than our truck dumped in our paltry 1/2 yard. We got it home fine, but we’re still waiting for the it to dry out, before we can put it down.
          So much adventure! So much fun! I love you all! Mom