Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear Kids,
          I finally have topsoil! After calling the same shiftless outfit for several days, I finally called Witt Excavating in Heber, and they brought it to me almost immediately. All my sprinklers are ready, and so is my edging. Tomorrow morning Dad is going to haul the topsoil, alternating with our two wheelbarrows, and I’ll rake it out. Planting the seed will be easy. I can’t believe it will finally be on its way. There’s lots more for me to do next year, but at least we’ll have some grass.
          My sisters were here on Thursday, and they admired my trees and shrubs. Nancy especially. It made my day. Thanks to Donna, that part of the project really looks professional. We were on our way to Hi Mountain Drug in Kamas for lunch. By the way, they still have the best burgers I’ve ever tasted! After lunch, we went to the New West store in Kamas and looked at their cowboy gear. (Katie said if she had one more life to live, she would marry a cowboy.) Then we drove down to Midway and shopped at "All the Stuff in the Barn." And then we sat in the shade in the park behind Ridleys, and talked. If any of you want to know anything about anybody, ask me now. I’ve got the goods on everybody. Later we drove by Donna’s house, so they could see her landscaping, and then we had shakes at the Dairy Keen. It was an absolutely perfect day. I’m so glad most of my sisters live nearby now, and we’re planning to get together more often.
          Dad and I were buying milk at Winco, and I noticed that whole milk costs the same as 2%. Why didn’t I notice that before? Why aren’t we drinking whole milk? Dad isn’t fat, and I’m not, either. Life is too short not to have the very best. So now we have whole milk. After all those years of powdered milk (0%) it’s amazing to me how far we’ve come. Our cats like it, too. Every morning Dad takes it out to them, and they reward him by walking around his legs. It’s a good life.
          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom