Sunday, September 6, 2015

Oops, here's my letter from last week, which somehow didn't make it past the draft stage:

Dear Kids,
          My grass is planted! But it didn’t come without a lot of extra aggravation. My wonderful pile of topsoil, delivered by Witt Excavation, turned out to be full of rocks. Small rocks they were, mostly under an inch, but it took many extra hours to rake them out and haul them away. I called up and complained that I had ordered "screened" topsoil. Turns out they used a big screen. The owner of the company even came to our house to look at the topsoil and argue with me. He said I had nothing to complain about. He had delivered 200 loads of the stuff to other people (later he said 600-800 loads) and I was the first to complain. I waved my arm at all the new houses being built, and said all those people would ask me where to get topsoil, and I would tell them to absolutely not get it from Witt, because it would be full of rocks. He left without saying anything. But I finished raking and hauling the rocks, and then I planted my grass! Since then, Dad and I have been tweaking the sprinkling system. It’s all lots of fun.
          Dad and I are driving to Ogden after church to visit baby Joshua. He was such a skinny little twig when we saw him three weeks ago, I’m sure he’s changed a lot. He’ll change even more by his blessing day (which I think is the last week in September.) Babies get big and chunky so fast! We’re looking forward to seeing Paul and Stefanie, too. Besides, it’s a beautiful drive from here to Ogden, if you go around the back way, on I-84 past Rockport. 
        A year ago, we bought a Costco membership. They had lots better samples than Sams Club, and it’s supposed to be a classier place. More upscale. But Costco is always so dang crowded! And it seems like they’ve done away with all those samples. And everything I used to buy is more expensive there: gummi bears, cheese, bananas, and raisins. Besides, only at Sams can you buy the boxes of dove dark candy bars that I’ve come to love so much. So, because my boxes of candy bars were running low, we went back to Sams Club and renewed our membership. I felt very comfortable around all the Mexicans and other immigrants in there. If we need something at Costco, we can always tag along with John. As you can see, there’s not much news here. But life is good! Love, Mom

Now here's my letter for today:

Dear Kids,
          Dad just pointed out that our house is two years old, today. We closed on Sept. 6, 2013. Time flies! At least we have part of our yard done, and grass is coming up! All but two lines of our sprinkler system are finished. But I’m looking forward to fall, and inside projects. Like our basement. It’s crying out for our attention. And our cabin, which has also been crying. I never did finish the tile floor completely. We’re hoping to start spending Friday nights there, and doing Saturday projects. 
           Baby Josh will most likely be blessed three weeks from today, on September 27. (Which was the birthday of our house on Stillwater Way.) Paul and Stefanie’s meetings are at 9 am, and they have sacrament meeting first. When we talked with them last week, they were thinking of going to a park right after the blessing and having a brunch-type meal–you know, donuts, cinnamon rolls, juice, that sort of food. Or, I hadn’t thought of this–maybe they’ll make us stay through the block and eat afterwards. They’ll be letting you know, and I’ll put it in my letter, when the plan is more definite.
          October conference is just four weeks from today. I’m thinking of a slightly different meal plan than usual, because I’m going to be in charge of the food for my mission reunion on that Sunday night. I’m thinking maybe I’ll make soup here at our house for Saturday night, before the priesthood session, and then we’ll have ice cream afterwards. Then, maybe for Sunday dinner, Nora and Kim and Donna can do their Café Rio meal. I’ll be calling those of you who are involved to see if that will work. However it turns out, it will be a great weekend. I’ve heard rumors of big things happening during this conference!
          Of course there are always rumors. One thing is sure: Life is good and I love you all.