Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dear Kids,
          I was so dismayed last week when Donna’s kids tried out our playground, and the big attraction seemed to be the sand, not all our nice equipment. So I was anxious for Tom’s and John’s kids to try it out Sunday night. They ran out there eagerly. And dived into the sand. They were like little animals, digging and burrowing. They threw the sand over their heads, and at each other. They played with the sand digger, but the swings and slide and airplane might as well not have been there. I was totally deflated.
          So I focused on our next project, getting bark. Thompson’s logging delivered it to us! Dad and I spread it on Friday and Saturday, and it went really fast! Of all our projects, it looked the best, with the least amount of work, of anything we’ve done. But I must have overestimated the amount we needed, or they gave us way too much, because we still have a big pile left over. We’ll use it eventually, of course, because after you spread bark, it dries up and blows away and gets scattered. Besides that, we’ll need to put some in the strip around our house. But it any of you need a pick-up load or two, we can bring you some.
          We haven’t been anywhere in a long time, so we’re leaving Thursday for a road trip to Idaho. We’re going to Boise first, to visit Katie, and then we’re driving to Rexburg, to visit Harpers and go to the temple there. Sunday we’ll end up at Vanessa and Trent’s, and go to church with them. We’ll be home late Sunday night. We should have pretty good weather, maybe some rain, and definitely cooler. But that’s good. Only cold weather can stop my obsession with our yard projects. And we’ve done enough for one year.
          We love you all! What a family! Mom