Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dear Kids,
          What a great conference weekend. Three new apostles! Elder Rasband lives in the Woodland ward, the next ward over from us. (It’s interesting that so many apostles and prophets live up here in the mountains–President Uchtdorf, Elder Bednar, and Elder Rasband, besides all of the ones that have cabins in Midway. There’s obviously something heavenly about living in the mountains.) Back to conference–it’s been wonderful. We had a great soup dinner here at our house last night, and I sure wish all of you could have come! After we ate, the guys went to the priesthood session, and then we had ice cream and churros at the cabin (The churros were made by Tom). Today is more of the same. My mission reunion is tonight, and I’ve made three kinds of cookies. There are two salads that I need to assemble this afternoon. I’m picking up the sandwiches at Subway on our way to Sale Lake. (I’m making somebody work on the Sabbath! Let’s hope whoever makes our sandwiches at Subway will be doing it with "singleness of heart.") But it will all be worth it when we get to my reunion and I can see so many of my old friends again. 
           Besides all that, I’ve been working like a fiend to finish our playground. Last Tuesday all the equipment was finally assembled (thanks to Dad) and I ordered sand from Staker-Parsons in Heber. It came in two big dump trucks--34 tons of wet sand! Since then I’ve been spreading it, and my shoulders are aching. I had hoped to finish yesterday, so the grandkids could play out there last night, but I didn’t make it. It didn’t matter, though, because a big rainstorm blew in about the time everybody got here. We all played inside instead. I can spread the sand later, at my leisure, while I start new projects. 
           Both Bevan and Vanessa ran in the St. George Marathon yesterday. I heard that Vanessa got a 3:32, a personal best. Bevan ran it in 3:01, and Donna says he’s mighty sore this morning. I’m so proud of our athletes!
           What a family! I love you all! Mom