Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dear Kids,
          Happy Fathers Day, all you sons-and-sons in law of mine! I’m proud of what you’re doing. The world needs good Dads.
          Going to church is fun again, because I’m the new Primary chorister! I wasn’t really called . . . I asked to do it. I was so bored, sitting through three hours of meetings, that when I heard the current chorister was moving, I told the Primary president that I would love to take her job. I said I absolutely love Primary music, which is true. And you never get bored in Primary. The kids have to sit still, but you don’t. It’s up and down, in and out, all the time. I’m still the Relief Society pianist, but that’s just across the hall, and I can go back and forth. I also play the organ in sacrament meeting once or twice a month, but that doesn’t conflict, either. So I’m loving church again. 
         There used to be an air compressor at the cabin–does anybody know where it is? We probably loaned it out. Anyway, if you happen to have it, let me know, OK?
         I made friends with the horses who live behind us by buying a 25 lb. bag of carrots at Winco and an orange tote from Dollar Tree. Every morning when I go out to work in the yard, I take my tote of carrots. At first they weren’t very interested in me, but now they come trotting over. They even push each others’ heads aside when I hold out the carrots. 25 pounds seemed like a lot of carrots, but it doesn’t last very long when you have such good friends over the fence.  
          The 4th of July is coming up just before our family reunion, and if anybody wants to do a short hike that day, they can come up to the top of Wolf Creek pass with us. You walk out along a dirt road, and you can see down on both sides. The wildflowers should be at their best about then. Let me know if you want to come!
          Lots of love, Mom