Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dear Kids,
          It was fun helping Paul and Stefanie move yesterday. They’ve gotten really good at packing and boxing, and everything was ready when we got to their house in Ogden. There was lots of help, too: James was there, and Donna and Bevan, and Stefanie’s brothers, and help from their ward. Donna and I loaded our vans and took off early for their new place in Woods Cross. I hadn’t even been sure where Woods Cross is! Now I know. They live just off Redwood Road, a couple of miles north of Missy’s house on Longleaf. It’s easy to get to, and closer to Paul’s work. Anyway, the move went really well. Dad drove the big moving van, and everybody else brought their separate cars, loaded with stuff. Later on, Nora fed us all at her house. It was great fun. Paul’s new address is: 1830 West 2280 South, Woods Cross, 84087.
           I’m recovering a little more each day from my accident. Last Sunday I didn’t have substitutes for any of the things I was lined up to do, so I went to Church. I had a little trouble playing the organ, because my left eye was swollen partly shut, and my right eye has a close-up lens. But I did OK. I had to accompany a musical number, but I knew the song really well. In Primary, all the kids wanted to know what had happened to me. One kid asked, "Did you get in a fight?" I couldn’t even start them singing until I had told them the whole story. Then they were fine with it. My face still looks pretty bruised. They say trouble comes in threes. Just before I had the accident, I’d had a root canal, and it wasn’t pleasant. It’s still bothering me. Three days after, I came down with probably the worst bronchitis I’ve ever had. My lungs are still full of snot. But every day is a little better. At least I’ve had my full "3's" of trouble, so things should be pretty good now.
         We were driving through Heber Monday, on our way to John’s office, and I saw the same display of metal animals that has captivated me before. I just wanted to stop and look at the deer. (The ones we put on our corner have become a landmark.) There was a doe lying down, and a fawn that went with her. I couldn’t resist. We’ll put them on the other side of our house. Then, at Home Depot, I saw the exact concrete blocks I want to use for our fire pit, and we had to buy them, while they were still there. Meanwhile, we’re starting on our deck. There’s no end to the projects, or the fun.
           Lots of love, Mom