Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dear Kids,
         My motto used to be, "Look up, not down." That was when we first moved into our house here, and I was tired of all the dirt and rocks, so I looked up at the beautiful view. But my motto brought me grief last Wednesday, as most of you have heard. I was walking across the plaza by the West Valley Trax station, looking up and admiring all the great changes they’ve made, (it used to be a ghetto there!) when I tripped on a short curb and fell and hit my head on one of those round cement spheres that keep people from driving onto the Trax lines. I wouldn’t have attracted much notice, but my head was spurting blood, because I had nicked an artery. I was right by the police station, so there was lots of help nearby. They brought an ambulance, but I had Dad drive me to the hospital instead, where they put in a stitch to stop the bleeding and did a cat scan to be sure I didn’t have a fracture. Since then I’ve been hurting all over from the fall, and my face is a mess. (I uploaded a picture to facebook, so I would get lots of sympathy.) I had a ton of blood in my hair, which our new cat Tina was very interested in, when we got home. She sniffed all around my head, and licked in my ears, where the blood had dried. The next morning I washed it all out. Long story short: my new motto is, "Look down, not up."
          Speaking of our new cat, Tina, she’s been banished to the garage now. Dad and I were agonizing over how to do it, because she’s so delicate and aristocratic, but she bit Dad in the hand, deep enough to draw blood, and she was tossed into the garage immediately. She’s doing fine there, getting along OK with Xena, and we let her in sometimes at night, so she can walk on us in bed.
          Last Monday Richard and Jeannne came to visit us. Richard rode his bike, 60 miles, from Michael’s house in Draper, over the south mountain into Alpine, up American Fork canyon to the Alpine Loop, all the way over it to Provo Canyon, and then up through Midway and Highway 32 to our house. After he got cleaned up we all went to High Mountain Drug for lunch. He said it tasted very good! (He recognized the place from when he was a scout, coming home from the Uintahs.) We had a great visit!
           Now I’m sorry all the fun is over, the family reunions and parties and get-togethers. We’ll be helping Paul move next Saturday, so that at least is something to look forward to.
          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it, like we are here. Lots of love, Mom