Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dear Kids,
         Our Saturday-night soup dinner and ice cream party last night was a total blast. There was a record crowd–at least 25 people, probably more. We ate record amounts of soup and rolls and bread, and we consumed large quantities of brownies (thanks, Donna,) ice cream, chocolate sauce, etc. I hope the men enjoyed the Priesthood session of conference, which they went to in-between. The rest of us played games and talked and ate still more. We sent the littlest kids out to run in circles on the deck. They played on the playground, too. It was a wonderful evening.
          Our yard-improvements are still moving along, in spite of the brisk fall weather. Yesterday Dad and John put up most of the pergola on our back deck. It’s exactly like the pergola out in the yard, and people must be scratching their heads, wondering why we need two. But we do. I hope it will look really good. Besides that, I’ve started digging on the north side of the house, making a hill for our new deer to sit on, and digging out another dry creek bed. People slow down as they drive by, probably wondering what in the world I’m doing now. They’ll see. I hope I can get most of it done before winter.
         The new family truck is going full speed ahead. We saw it for the first time last Sunday night, when Julie drove it here, with John and Jacob. It’s very big, and very impressive. Dad and I drove it around Kamas Valley. Yesterday Tom borrowed it to take things to the dump, and barely got back in time for John to pick up a pool table for his basement. I’m sure it will get a lot of use. John is hoping people will return it with a little more gas than when they borrowed it. I don’t think he expects you to fill the tank, if you borrow it empty. I’m sure these issues will sort themselves out.
          We’re loving our life here, and we love having so much family around.