Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dear Kids,
          Carson and Ellie stayed overnight with us because Allen is doing a DUI roadblock down in Centerville. I asked him what was going on that they needed to catch the DUI’s, and he said "Halloween parties." Who would have guessed? I knew New Years and St. Patrick’s Day were big drinking holidays, but Halloween?! Anyway, we always enjoy having Carson and Ellie here. They entertain themselves quietly, reading or doing their homework.
          Dad and Allen are getting really excited about their Hawaii trip. They’re leaving early Thursday morning. I’m not sure how I’ll entertain myself while they’re gone. I think a big shopping trip to Salt Lake is in the works, although it might only be the rounds of the DI’s. I’ll probably do some hiking, too. This good weather is supposed to keep up for another couple of weeks, into the middle of November. I’ve prayed for a long streak of good weather so I can finish my yard projects before winter, but my arms ache from shoveling. And the Jordanelle Perimeter Trail has been calling to me.
          Tonight we’re starting practices for the Messiah in Heber. We’ll be practicing every Sunday night from now on. Our performances will be December 10th and 11th at 7 pm at Tom’s church. I’m sure we’ll have after parties on one or both nights. I’m really looking forward to singing that beautiful music, and for the parties, too.
          With winter coming on, I worried that Tina wouldn’t have a good place to sleep in the garage. She absolutely won’t cuddle up with Xena on the heated pad. So I made her a kitty house out of a storage tote, with a door cut in the front. (How many of those have I made!) and a heating pad inside. The first day she scoffed at her new house, and wouldn’t go in, but Dad suggested sprinkling catnip on the pad inside. That did it. Now she loves it.
          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it. Have a great Halloween tomorrow! Mom