Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dear Kids,
          Happy birthday today, to Allen and Drew! It’s the third double-birthday in our family (Dad and Dallin, Josh and me), and maybe there will be more. In Grandma and Grandpa Allen’s family, there were even some triples! That’s all part of the fun in having a really big family.
          And Thanksgiving is only four days away! I think I’ve talked to most of you who are coming about food assignments. I hope we’ll be able to hike the big loop, those of us who want to, although we’re supposed to have two storms between now and then. Whatever happens, we’ll have fun. Vanessa’s kids are so excited, she’s bringing them to the cabin two days early!
            Friday, Dad and I went to the temple with John and Heather in their new Honda Odyssey. It was a great ride. John now has the distinction of owning two mini vans! I thought they’d sell the Sienna, but John said they’re selling the Infinity instead, and Julie will be taking the Sienna off to college (probably Snow).   I wonder what the magpies think about John having two minivans? They still can’t get over the Porsche. Meanwhile, the truck has been doing heavy duty, hauling building supplies for Tom and fence posts and cement for John, and Donna has also borrowed it.  Too bad it’s so far away for the rest of you who own a share in it!
           Tuesday night Dad and I went to see Julie sing and dance in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at Wasatch High. It was lots of fun. It’s a very peppy musical, although none of the songs are memorable. (Julie says, however, that they’re all memorable to her now.)
          Is our good weather really coming to an end? I had three more days of working in the yard this week. We went on a hike with Allen and his kids last Sunday afternoon, and it was so warm we took off our jackets. (You know the word on Sunday hiking: "If you don’t break a sweat, you haven’t broken the Sabbath.") If winter ever does come, it will have to be a short one. Spring isn’t that far off now. 
           Lots of love, Mom