Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dear Kids,
          Dad and Allen seem to be having a great time in Hawaii. On Friday they went to Pearl Harbor, where they saw the battleships Missouri and Arizona. Then they went to the top of Diamond Head. Dad sent me a picture of the view, but it was hard to see much from the tiny image on my phone. I think they did the north island tour yesterday. I’m sure Dad will give me a full report when they get home on Wednesday. Things have been lonely here, but at least the weather has been nice and I’ve been outside a lot. Yesterday I went to Midway, where Donna and I went shopping at "All the Stuff in the Barn." Then I went to Tom’s, where I had him tweak my mini-laptop. I also inspected his basement, which is coming along really well. Then I came home to our quiet house. The only time I REALLY miss Dad is at night. I take Tina to bed with me, but she’s a poor substitute. Around midnight or so, she always pokes her whiskers into my nose to let me know she wants to go out.
            My sister Jane had a terrible time after her gastric bypass surgery on Monday, and she still needs our prayers. I guess you all got my text about how she stopped breathing, and they revived her. After that she was in terrible pain, with violent nausea, and she couldn’t keep anything down for days. Finally, it seems like she’s doing better. Here’s my latest update from Bonnie: "Jane is improving every day. As far as post op, the nausea is gone and her pain is under control. She does have pneumonia (most likely from aspirating vomit during the intubation) and is on oxygen. They are trying to arrange home health care so it is looking like Monday that she will come home. She is taking short walks, sitting in chair, reading a little and talking. She has her phone if you want to text or call her. She looks like Jane again." I’ve been so grateful for Bonnie’s updates, since we can’t all be there at the hospital.
         Thanksgiving will be here in no time! It looks like we’ll have a nice big group at the cabin. I’ll be doing the turkey, dressing, gravy, and pumpkin and chocolate pies. Donna has already volunteered for the raspberry jello dessert. We’ll still need rolls, mashed potatoes, salads, and anything else you can think of, so call me for a food assignment if you’re eating with us.
            Lots of love, Mom