Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dear Kids,
         Most of you have heard the wonderful news that Donna and Bevan will be having another baby in November. He’s due on Anna’s birthday. (I’m calling him a "he" because there have been so many boys in a row, I can’t imagine anybody having a girl again.) That will give Donna’s family four birthdays in one week: Bevan, Drew, Anna, and the baby. What a wild and crazy time they’ll have of it! Their only other birthdays are Donna’s in March, and Dallin’s in May.
          The cool thing about Dallin’s birthday is that he shares it with Dad, and it will be on a Saturday this time around–the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, which is less than three weeks away! Plan on a party here at our house, probably in the early afternoon. I’ll let you know more details down the road.
           Nora took her Mia Maids to the cabin Friday afternoon, and she dropped off Paige here at our house, on their way. She thought Paige might like to hang out with us, rather than with all the boys at home. I hope she enjoyed it! I was working in the yard most of the time, since we had a little window of warm weather. I had her help me set up the blocks for our fire pit on the driveway, so I could put chairs around it and measure how big the patio needs to be. Besides that, she played on the playground, watched movies, and played the accordion. On Saturday she and Dad went to lunch at Food Town, while I planted shrubs. (I had to work fast, since another storm was coming in.) Nora picked up Paige on their way home. She said her girls had had a great time at the cabin. Thanks, Al, for cleaning up so well before they came!
           Paul and Stefanie are here this morning, because they had eye exams from John yesterday, and dinner at Donna’s. Then they came here to spend the night. We’ve had fun visiting with them, especially with wonderful Josh!  They'll be going to church with us before they head home.
           On Wednesday, Dad and I had dental checkups, and I knew mine was going to be bad news. One of my front teeth has chipped, for no reason at all, and the other front tooth has a dark line down the middle, which turned out to be a crack. That means two more crowns for me, plus another crown farther back. I think it’s a replacement for an older one. Plus five fillings. I hate my teeth! Sharon said Jerry Thacker had all his teeth pulled and got dentures, he was so tired of the whole business. I asked Dr. Condie about that, and he said dentures are better than no teeth at all, but not like real teeth. I guess I have to believe him.
           Other than that, life is good!
           Lots of love, Mom