Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dear Kids,
          What a great party we had for Dad and Dallin yesterday afternoon! May 27th has always been one of my favorite days of the year, because it was Grandma Allen’s birthday. When I met Dad and found out he had the same birthday, I knew we were destined for each other. And then, when Dallin was born on the same day, I knew he had a lot going for him. Back to the party--both of the birthday boys seemed excited about their new toys. Dallin took his new fire engine out to the playground and put it in the baby seat swing and pushed it like a baby. (Donna showed me a photo where his Bruder dump truck was a guest at the tea party he and Anna were hosting.) Dad had fun figuring out his fit bit, with John and Tom helping. He finally took it to Food Town (where there’s high speed internet) to download its software. Thanks to all of you who helped pay for it.
           Our Memorial Day barbecue will be tomorrow at noon at the cabin. Thanks to Allen, in advance, for being in charge! If you want to help with the food, and you don’t have an assignment yet, call him! We’re looking forward to a wonderful time.
          Last Monday, Allen and I went hiking along the beautiful Jordanelle Perimeter Trail. It’s ten miles from Rock Creek out to the point and back–just long enough to be invigorated but not exhausted. We had beautiful weather, and the scenery along that route is always gorgeous: green junipers, blue lake, white clouds–what could be better? It’s my favorite terrain in the whole world. We walked fast and talked faster. And we passed at least four deer carcasses, all of them small ones. It must have been a hard winter for them.
          I got two new front teeth on Wednesday, and they’re lots whiter than my old ones. Dr. Condie thought I should choose a darker color, but who wants to pay thousands of dollars for yellow teeth? Not me. Eventually all my front teeth will be crowns, and I want them white. It was rough getting them in, though, since they had to knock out my temporary ones with a little hammer. Plus I had three fillings. That same day, I pulled a tick off my arm, swollen with my blood, and Tina gouged out a new hole on the back of my hand, with her lethal claws. It wasn’t my favorite day ever.
          But life is good. I love you all! Mom