Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dear Kids,
          I got the following message from Bonnie, and some of you might have received it too: Hello all Lester and Marilyn descendants! Our "every other year in the park" Allen reunion is approaching, and the date we have chosen is Saturday July 28th! which is also Aunt/grandma Katie's birthday yippee! It will be held at the same park as always, in the Provo Riverview park (4620 N 300 W. Provo, UT) Please make this a priority since we only do this every other year, and for just a few hours. It is always fun to see how large and amazing this family has grown and for cousins to reconnect! Bring your own lunch and we will have a few fun games and activities planned. If anyone wants to help with activities, please let me know. Love to you all! Bonnie
         Our own Ackerson family reunion will be August 2-4 at Pineview, I’m pretty sure. I meant to check with Nora, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I do know it will be a fabulous event, as all our reunions have been. I’m so proud of you kids for organizing them every year!
         We really enjoyed visiting with Sharon on Tuesday, while she was still here. She told us about the ski adventure on Monday at Deer Valley: There were four moms and eight kids, and everybody had a great time. You girls are so ambitious!
         We’re still thinking back on Tommy’s baby blessing last Sunday, and what a wonderful event that was! Thanks to John and Heather for hosting the after-party at their house, and to Donna and Bevan for producing the baby, so we have yet one more excuse to get together. These are my favorite times!
         Dad and I are still coughing. On Thursday we went to see Dr. Newbold, who could barely squeeze us in among all his sick patients. Evidently we have the same virus as everybody else. My lungs are full of mucous, but it isn’t pneumonia, because I don’t have fluid. Still, I’m always gasping for breath. I use my nebulizer day and night, but I’m not getting better. Dad has bronchitis. Dr. Newbold gave us antibiotics to prevent secondary infections, and he gave me a prescription for prednisone, but it isn’t doing me any good–it only keeps me awake at night. John says this is the worst virus he’s ever seen. People get it in their eyes, and it causes havoc. Thank goodness I’ve only got it in my lungs. Still, I wish we could get over it.
         Otherwise, life is great! I love you all! Mom