Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dear Kids,
         If you’re checking here for the address of Tommy’s baby blessing this morning, it’s 250 East 200 South in Midway. Sacrament meeting starts at 11:00 am, and baby blessings are always at the very beginning. Lunch will be at John’s house after the block, which ends at 2:00. I’m really looking forward to seeing so many of you, but I’m not going to get too close to anybody, because I’ve caught this horrible virus that’s going around. Dad is into his fifth week of it, but he said he doesn’t really feel sick; he just coughs all the time. I’m sick AND I cough all the time. Friday morning, we were climbing into the car to do a couple of errands, and I said,
         "First to the bank
         and then to the store.
         Then we’ll come home
         and cough some more."
OK, it sounded pretty funny at the time. But the illness isn’t funny. Sometimes Dad and I are both up at the same time at night, coughing. I’ve been puffing on my nebulizer several times a day to try and keep my lungs clear, but it doesn’t work 100%.  I’m really bummed about this, because Thanksgiving was wiped out for me by my first surgery, and Christmas by the second, but I was really counting on celebrating this baby blessing with everybody. I’m probably not contagious now, but still, I’m only coming to the first part of sacrament meeting, and then I’ll hang out at John’s house until everybody else shows up. But I won’t cough on any of you.
         Friday night a nice reddish-blonde cat showed up in our front yard. I hoped it was Solar Eclipse, come back to us, but it was a girl cat, and her color was a little too light. I gave her some cat food, which she gobbled down, and then I picked her up and carried her around. She was so nice, not snarling and scratching like Tina! I wish she would have stayed here, but we haven’t seen her since.
          I can’t think of anything great coming up, but I hope you’re all well and happy.
          Love, Mom