Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dear Kids,
         We finally had some excitement this week. We cut Tina’s back toenails. They had grown long again, and were very sharp, and she had drawn blood on my hand. So we did the procedure I learned from a lady in my piano class: You stuff her head first into a pillowcase, wrap it tightly around, with only her feet sticking out, and then stretch out one foot at a time and clip the nails. It really works. I do the pillowcase, and Dad does the clipping. When we were done, she walked around like a queen, proud of her well-groomed toes.
         Not very exciting? Well, we had a great snowstorm, too–the same one that hit most of you. We got nearly a foot of snow, the best we’ve had all year. People finally revved up their snowblowers. The family who owns the pasture in back of our house had a great time out there. The dad hooked up a long rope to his RTV, put a sled at the end, and put a couple of kids on the sled. Then he pulled them around the pasture in big circles, spraying snow in their faces, dumping them at practically every turn. The six horses were running after them, along with the dog. Our neighbor dog was racing back and forth in his yard, all revved up with the fun. It looked really cold to me, but they were all laughing. Especially the dogs.
         It’s been very cold here, too–below zero Wednesday morning. The wind has been icy. But I’m glad we’re finally having winter, so spring can come. And Easter! We have a good plan. Nora’s family will be gone to Disneyland that weekend, so they might have an event at their house the weekend before. I’ll keep you posted about that. Then, on Easter Saturday (March 31), which will also be conference weekend, we’ll have the Easter egg hunt here at our house, or maybe at the cabin, probably about 1 pm. Then we’ll have the soup dinner around 5:00, before the guys go to the priesthood session of conference. We’ll probably have dessert afterwards, too. The next day, Easter, will also be Blake’s first birthday, and the party will be at Tom and Kim’s, probably between the two sessions of conference.
         Finally, some real excitement!  I can’t wait.
         Lots of love, Mom