Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dear Kids,
         February is absolutely the longest month of the year! We’ve had practically nothing going on here, except for our doctor visits. Dad’s toe is healing. He’s lucky it hasn’t been terribly painful. My arm is healing up, from the carcinoma surgery I had a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have to worry about the scar, since I always wear long sleeves anyway. I’m seeing my hand doctor this week, about two of the fingers on my right hand–they’re locking up again, after already having the trigger finger surgeries. I hope they can be fixed again. I had a great dentist visit last Wednesday, because I’m getting two new crowns, making four bright white ones across the front. The old teeth underneath have simply worn away, cracked, and broken. But it’s exciting to get new, white ones! I think that’s all our medical news. Nothing very exciting there.
        But it’s supposed to snow today! And Nora’s family is coming by this evening, on their way to the cabin for Presidents’ Day. And we might have some of our other usual Sunday visitors, Tom’s family and John’s family. We really enjoy the visits from all you kids. Yesterday I was so bored I called Donna to see if she wanted to bring her kids over for a while. She came! She even had an extra little girl she was tending. (She says one more doesn’t make any difference.) It was fun to see them all. Our house enjoyed the action.
        And Easter is only six weeks away! It’s the same weekend as General Conference this year, so we’ll have to make a plan where we can have a Saturday Easter egg hunt, and watch conference, too, and have a place where the guys can go to the Priesthood session in the evening. That could be here at our house, or the cabin, or Nora’s house, or anywhere, really. We’ll have to talk it over. By the way, the General Conference schedule is changing: In the spring, they’ll still have the priesthood session on Saturday night, but in the fall, they’re going to start having the women’s session that same Saturday night, instead of the week before, like they used to do. That means that for October conference, we can have our usual Saturday night soup dinner, and then all the women can go off to their session, while the men tend the kids! It sounds like a great change to me.
        Life is good, just not terribly exciting right now. I hope all of you have more going on than we do! Lots of love, Mom