Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dear Kids,
         On Monday, Dad got the results of his biopsy, and as you can guess (the way things have been going for us,) it wasn’t benign.  It’s a squamous cell carcinoma.  He’s going to have it removed on Tuesday, not by our regular dermatologist, but by a Mhos doctor in Sugarhouse.  (Mhos is a special procedure, named after the doctor who invented it, where a lab technician examines each piece of tissue the doctor removes, until the area is finally clear of the cancer.)   Because the area is so large and flat, Dad might have to have skin grafts when they’re done.  What is it with us, that every medical thing is as bad as it can possibly be?   I’m just glad we have good medical care available, and that our insurance has an out-of-pocket limit. (Which we’ve just about hit.)  Anyway, Dad can use your prayers for Tuesday.  He’s very nervous.
         And naturally I’ve had another hitch in my recovery.  Things had been going really well, and last Monday I even drove a jazzy around Walmart.  But Monday night I started feeling a lot of pain from my incision, so I called my doctor Tuesday morning.  I saw him Wednesday, and he said my incision has totally opened up.  He blamed it on the radiation I had, which he said is still working on my body tissues.  I thought he might stitch it up again, but he said the best thing is to leave it open until it heals itself, which he promised would happen.  He told me to soak it twice a day, and he showed Dad how to pack it with gauze.  And I still have my home health nurse coming.  Between the two of them I’m well taken care of, but the pain is really intense.  So I still need your prayers.  You won’t run out of people to pray for, as long as Dad and I are around.
         The only nice thing about all this is that people are so good to us.  Especially you kids!  We really appreciate all the help (and food) you’ve given us. When you’re sick you see the best side of everybody!  Yesterday morning the Spanish branch president brought a crew to work on our yard.  They mowed and trimmed and pulled weeds, and it looks really good now.  Dad and I have been doing what we can, but it was nice to have the extra help.  I can’t count all the people who have helped us out!
         It’s supposed to be warm today, 76 for a high, and our fire pit is crying out to be used.  So if any of you who come tonight, we can make smores!  I have everything we need. And I bought more of those colored IKEA cups, so there’s one for every grandchild now, with his or her name on them.  My stack is gigantic.
         Jane and Joe came to visit yesterday, and while Joe took Dad to get a hamburger, and drive around, Jane and I had fun talking and watching a movie (Ball of Fire.) It’s sure fun having them live close by now.  We’re so lucky to have lots of family around us!
         I love you all!  Mom