Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dear Kids,
         Luckily, my medical news for the week doesn’t concern me at all.  Dad has a red spot behind his right ear, more than an inch across, that looks like eczema, but isn’t.  He’s tried every possible cream to get rid of it, including prescriptions from two doctors, but it stays on and on–it’s been there about three years now.  So on Wednesday he finally had it biopsied.  I thought that meant just a few cells being scraped off, but our dermatologist cut way in, down deep.  I held Dad’s hand, just like he’s been holding mine for so many procedures.  The cut bled a lot, and they closed it up with a stitch.  We were supposed to find out within a couple of days what was wrong, but no news is good news.  (If it’s cancer, the doctor herself calls you back almost immediately.)  We should find out what it is on Monday, and hopefully also find out how it can be cured.  The good thing was that it was finally Dad’s turn to be on the doctor’s table, not mine.  But hopefully we can both stay out of hospitals for a while!
         Thursday I made my first foray out into the real world, since my surgery.  Dad and I went down to the senior center in Heber so I could teach my piano classes again.  My ladies hadn’t had their lessons for three weeks, and I absolutely couldn’t wait any longer.  I probably shouldn’t have ventured out so soon, but it was wonderful interacting with real people again.  (Besides you wonderful kids, who have been so gracious about visiting us!) All eight of my ladies were there, and they had all practiced diligently since I last met with them.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  They all told me how glad they were to be back at piano again, and how much they’d missed me.  I’ve absolutely never had such good piano students in my life!  So although I was dragging low physically, it totally rejuvenated me!
         I’ve started eating lunch in the senior center cafeteria again, instead of my lonely sandwich in the piano room, but I bring my own bland food in a takealong tray, and heat it up in the microwave in their kitchen.  This week I was really glad to be eating with the group again, because our entertainment was the Timpanogos middle school choir.  You can hardly find a kids’ choir in Heber that doesn’t include at least one of our grandchildren, and sure enough, we spotted Emma in the group.  They sang really cute songs, including “Under the Sea” and “Johnny-be-Good.”  Emma was the cutest girl there, by far! I’m so proud of all our grandchildren, and their wonderful talents.  It looks like the gene for performing and entertaining has been passed down to almost everybody!
         Life is good again!  I appreciate you all so much!  Love, Mom