Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dear Kids,
         Yay! I have no medical news this week! I’m doing better and better, and Dad’s neck has completely healed up.  I’m feeling so good that we went on a walk down Hilltop Road yesterday afternoon.  It was glorious.  Just being outside in the beautiful clean air, with the fabulous view down onto the Provo River, gave my spirits a big boost. We walked too far, and I was too tired to walk back, so I sat down to rest and sent Dad back to get the car.  A nice guy who was pulling his boat into his back yard said he was glad to see me up and around, and asked me if I wanted a drink of water.  People are so good!
         It’s less than six weeks till July 28, that wonderful day for the Allen family reunion and Lucy’s baptism.  The reunion will be at Riverwoods Park, where we always have it, probably about 9 am.  I’ll send you more info when Bonnie gets it out.  And then, at 5 pm, Lucy will be baptized in the Provo River!  What a courageous little girl!  I’d thought we might have the afterparty there at the river, but Sharon pointed out that Lucy will be cold and wet.  (Seth, too.)  So we’ll come back here to our house for the dinner, probably hamburgers and hot dogs.  Sharon is in charge.  It will be a wonderful evening. Then, August 2-5 will be our Ackerson family reunion at Pineview.  We’ll be camping over for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Nora will be sending out more information when it gets closer.  We’re really excited about that!  So much fun coming up.  I’m so glad to be getting well again!
         I’ve got a regular hair-coloring studio going here! Last Sunday morning, when Nora was here with her kids, Paige added some more pink to her ends.  Then, Sunday night, when the rest of our visitors were here, I put a streak of purple in Anna’s hair.  Then Kim did purple streaks in Abi and Ali’s hair.  These little girls were very excited about it.  We tried to get Julie to color her hair, and she said she wanted to, but she works in John’s office and Heather’s dress code is very specific about that.  My own hair color varies from week to week, from purple to pink and back again.
         Thursday mornings, when Dad and I go to the Heber senior center, we often see crews from state corrections working on the library grounds.  Last Thursday morning Kristen Danielson was in the group.  She was sweeping the sidewalk, and it looked like she was having fun.  The crew were all girls, with matching pink t-shirts.  Kristen said she wasn’t allowed to talk to us–she could only say hi. 
         Life is good. I love you all!  Mom