Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dear Kids,
        This beautiful spring weather goes on and on, and Dad and I are feeling better and better.  Dad’s neck hardly bleeds at all now, and his wound is closing up.  He can cover it with a bandaid and not get blood on his clothes now.  I think I’ll build a fire in the firepit this morning and burn up all his old bloodied garment tops.  Nora’s family is coming for a visit, and maybe they can help me with that.  They’re on the late Sunday schedule now, and this will be their second Sunday morning visit in two weeks.  It’s been lots of fun.
         My life is getting lots more normal, too.  Yesterday Dad and I worked in the yard.  He mowed and trimmed, and I planted a new potentilla bush.  I sprayed some Roundup on our weeds and re-buried some of my sprinkler tubing that has popped up.  It just felt wonderful to be outside.  I’ve already missed out on most of this beautiful spring, but I don’t plan to miss out on any more of it.
        It was great having so many of you here Sunday night for Dad’s and Dallin’s party.  Thanks for Donna for preparing so much of the food, and thanks to the rest of you for the things you brought.  Thanks to all of you who went in on the snow blower.  Dad is absolutely thrilled with it.  It doesn’t bother him that there’s no snow now.  He can tinker with its parts.  It’s really a beautiful machine. 
        I mentioned a while ago about the ads that show up on your phones, and how they reflect what you’ve googled and what you’ve bought.  A couple of months ago I was getting ads for brown sandals, and then for cheap colonoscopies, and then for lawyers doing wills and estates (creepy!).  But what’s this: now I’m getting ads for criminal defense lawyers!  Maybe I did something terrible while I was high on pain pills.  Who knows?
        Here’s a thought for the day: The scriptures say “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” (Proverbs 30:5)  Why doesn’t it say “joy in the night and weeping in the morning?” Just wondering.
        I hope you’re all doing great!  Have fun with all your summer plans!
        Love, Mom