Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dear Kids,
         All the fun events are getting really close.  The Allen reunion is next Saturday, the 28th, at the same park (Riverwoods) from 9 am until 1 or 2 or so.  All the details are in my last two letters.  Be there or be square!  Then, that same day, Lucy’s baptism will be at 5 pm in the Provo River.  Pretend you’re going to the cabin, but when you’re on Lower River Road, don’t turn right at 1000 East.  Keep going a couple more miles to 3544 East (you’re on Hwy 35.)  You’ll know you’re there when you see a cougar on top of a tall tree trunk.  Turn right just before the cougar.  It’s not really a driveway, just a track. There will probably be somebody standing there to direct you. You’ll drive past the house and through a couple of pastures, and somebody will show you where to park.  It will be a great event!  Yes, there’s plenty of water there.  It’s at least waist deep, according to the locals.  Rick Gunnerson, the bishop of Woodland ward, will be presiding, because it’s in his ward’s boundaries.  The after-party is at our house, and Sharon will probably be giving food assignments.
         And the next day is Josh’s birthday party, and mine, at Paul’s (1042 Lindi Way, Layton) at 4 pm.  Be THERE or be square.  It will be hamburgers and hot dogs, and you can bring a side dish, if you want. Then, just four days later, our Ackerson family reunion will start, at Pineview Reservoir.  It goes from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning.  Nora’s getting out the schedule.  After their trip to Mount Rushmore, she and the girls went right to camp, and they just got home yesterday.  Go, Nora!
         We had Charlie and Matthew here from Tuesday to Friday, and it was lots of fun. I couldn’t do much, but they totally entertained themselves.  On Thursday I had to be gone all day, so Dad took them swimming at the rec center, and to lunch at the Food Town deli.  Friday we drove to Heber where I had an eye appointment (I’m going to be having cataract surgery on my left eye), and Dad took the boys to Midway to pick up Stu, Isaac, and McKay, who had been staying at Donna’s.  Then we all drove to Centerville and dropped the boys off at Nora’s house, where James was in charge.  I’m sure the fun continued there.
         In just a couple of weeks, Allen will be moving to a condo in Centerville.  It miraculously opened up for him!  It’s in the same complex where I picked up Tina a couple of years ago, so you know it’s a magical place.  And what a short commute for him!  It’s only a couple of blocks from the police station.
         Life is good. I love you all!  Mom