Sunday, July 1, 2018

Dear Kids,
         My only medical news this week is that I had a tooth pulled.  It was nothing, compared to all the other medical procedures I’ve been through.  Dad was there holding my hand, of course, and Dr. Condie worked out the tooth in two different pieces.  (After several shots to numb me all around.)  It was a back molar, and it had been failing for a long time.  I won’t even have an implant to replace it. With the type of food I eat now, I may never use my molars again.  Chocolate pudding and pumpkin cookies–who needs molars for those?
         Thursday afternoon Dad and I had eye exams at John’s office, which is always fun.  We love to watch John on the job.  And of course we admired all his state-of-the art equipment.  He showed us pictures of exactly what’s going on in our eyes.  Dad got new prescriptions for his glasses, but I have to wait.  I have opposite prisms in my eyes, which causes me to see double. That sometimes happens if one eye has had cataract surgery, and the other hasn’t.  So I have to see an opthamologist about having the other eye done.  Julie made the appointment for me–Julie, sitting at the front desk, looking totally professional.  I remember how odd it seemed the first time John examined my eyes, to think my little boy was grown up, and did I trust him to put drops in my eyes, and now here’s my granddaughter sitting at the front desk!  Yes, I feel old, but it’s wonderful to have all of you kids and grandkids turning out so well.
         Later that afternoon we drove over to Woodland to scope out Lucy’s baptismal site on the Provo River.  It’s the same spot where Mark and Tamry Allen’s son was baptized a couple of years ago, and Tamry’s aunt showed us around.  We’ll have to drive through a couple of pastures to get to the site, but she said she’d move the cows before then.  The river is really low now, mostly rocks, but there’s a spot near the far bank where it’s always waist deep.  Luckily it’s not high water, and we won’t have to tie a rope onto Lucy to keep her from being swept away.  In an e-mail to me, she wrote, “I hope when I fly out I get to be baptized. I hope when Dad leaves me down in the water I can feel the spirit inside me.”  Yes, Lucy, I hope we’ll all feel the Spirit.  It will be a wonderful day.  (July 28.)  Sharon will be sending out cards with directions and information about the baptism. And since the Allen family reunion will be that same morning at Riverwoods Park, I’m sure Bonnie will be sending out information on that.  I’ll pass it on to you as soon as I get it.
         So much fun! So much to be grateful for!  Lots of love to everybody! Mom