Sunday, September 2, 2018

Dear Kids,
         Most of you have seen Vanessa’s post about next year’s Ackerson reunion: Rendezvous Beach at Bear Lake. (Yay! I love that place!) It’ll be July 25-28.  We’ll be celebrating John’s and Jackie’s birthdays there, but missing Seth’s by a day.  I’m already excited about going back to Bear Lake, even though all of our reunions, everywhere, have been fabulous. 
         Dad’s colonoscopy on Wednesday went really well.  Dr. Bossart didn’t find anything wrong at all.  Not even a polyp. Thank goodness.  I can’t stand for anything more to go wrong with either of us. 
         McGettigans are coming this afternoon and staying overnight, and then we’re going to the Frontier Days rodeo tomorrow afternoon.  Usually we’ve done the Saturday night rodeo together, but Monday afternoons they do bareback riding, broncs,  and the battle of the bulls, so we wanted to watch that for a change.  We always have a great time with the McGettigans, so we’re looking forward to having them here again.  And if any of you are planning to come visit us this evening, they’ll be delighted to see you.  They know you all! 
         The mountains have been calling to me.  Last week Dad and I hiked part of the Shingle Creek trail, and this week we went all the way to Mt. Baldy.  The main trail is really steep and rocky, of course, and there’s no shade, but we took the side trail that goes to Meadow Lake and Clyde Lake.  Not that we hiked  that far–we probably only went a couple of miles, but it satisfied my need to hike in the mountains.  Until the next time they call.  Now that I’m feeling really good, I can’t sit home while there’s such beautiful scenery all around us.  It’s really great to get out in the open air again.
         Love to all, Mom