Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dear Kids,
         We really enjoyed the Messiah last Sunday night at Tom’s church. It was short and sweet.  Tom and Bentley were in the choir, and the rest of us sang along.  Next year I’m going to be in the choir no matter what.  Even if I’m still hobbling with my cane.
         That same night, Sharon and Seth went to the Messiah at the national cathedral in D.C.  Sharon got cheap student tickets, and they were in the balcony, looking right down into the orchestra.  Sharon said the music was fantastic, and of course the audience didn’t sing along, like we did.  I asked Sharon how they could not sing along with the Hallelujah chorus.  She said some people did.  They man behind them was belting it out.
         Christmas is getting really close now!  If anybody wants to go in on a present for Dad, call or text me.  It’s something he’ll love.
         The cousins’ exchange party is next Saturday afternoon at Nora’s.  Ice skating will be from 12:30 to 2:30, at the rink in Centerville.  Dinner is at 5:00, and if you don’t have a food assignment, call Nora.  The wild present-opening free for all will be after that.
         Christmas Eve, Dad and I will be home.  If you want to come by any time during the day, or in the evening, I’ll have soup and rolls and a few goodies.  It could be your lunch or your dinner.  Christmas day, Dad and I will probably drive around and visit some of you.  If you especially want us to come to your house, let me know.  We can admire your presents and eat your leftover goodies.  I won’t be doing the “Grinch challenge” like last year, but if anybody wants to recite it, I’ll listen.  Maybe we’ll even hand out $5.00 bills like last year.
         The sledding party will be Thursday, the 27th, at Vanessa’s house in Pocatello.  Lots of us are looking forward to the road trip!  You can call Vanessa for a food assignment when it gets closer.  I might make my traditional sloppy jo's.  Vanessa says there’s a possibility for a trip to Lava that evening. 
         Our kitties will be in for a bleak surprise tomorrow morning.  They’re going to have vaccination boosters, get “fixed,” and be declawed (front only), all in the same veterinary visit.  I’m so sorry for what’s coming up that I’ve been letting them come in the house a lot lately, and I've been playing with them.  Sonia thinks our Christmas tree has been put up for her pleasure and entertainment.  She jumps for all the ornaments that she thinks are low enough, and she’s knocked some of them off.  Scout tried to climb the tree, and he bent one of the lower branches all the way to the floor. (He’s built like a boxcar.  Sonia is dainty and delicate.)  I’ve been tolerating all their misbehavior.
         This time of the year is so fun!  I love you all.  Mom