Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dear Kids,
         Dad and John made a 2-day roadtrip to California, because John was interested in buying a glider from a guy who lives near Fresno.  Unfortunately, the glider was too small for John, even when they took out the seat, so they came home empty-handed.  But they had a fun trip.  Meanwhile, I was having yet another surgery on my hand.  Last week it was my left wrist, but when I took off the bandages on Tuesday, my left ring finger locked up.  It’s trigger finger, and I’ve had it on three fingers of my right hand.  There’s a quick surgery to fix it, but I had to have it done before next Tuesday, when my chemo starts.  So my nice hand doctor worked on it Friday afternoon, after he did all his other patients for the day.  So my hand is bandaged yet again, but it doesn’t hurt as much as  last week.
         Friday morning Sharon took the TEAS test, which she needs to be admitted to a nursing program.  It’s a test of knowledge in general, not like the more specific one John took to get into optometry school.  Sharon studied really hard for the math part, and she got a 98.  Her reading comprehension was high, but surprisingly, her grammar score was low.  Her overall score was 85, which she hopes will be high enough.  Besides the test, she also has to submit a letter of recommendation, and they look at grades, too.  We hope she’ll be admitted, of course. 
         Allen will soon be getting a lateral promotion, to detective sergeant.  It’s a position he should have gotten a while back, and the guy that beat him out is retiring.  There’s no pay raise, but Al will be working days now.  He expects to have the position for four years, and after that, he’ll be so close to retiring that he won’t even have to worry about working nights again.  We’re really happy for him, both for the kind of work he’ll be doing, and that he can have a more normal schedule now. 
         Last week I wrote about Lee Benson of the Deseret News writing a column about John’s eagles.  If you want to read it, just google Deseret News Lee Benson January 19 2020.  It’s called “Never underestimate the power of a deadline, and a mom” and I thought it was pretty stupid.  Lee Benson tried to cover too much ground, and he tried to cash in on the sob story of the brother of two of the eagles (quadruplets) dying in 2018.  He made a big deal about their mother keeping a spread sheet of the eagles’ progress, but to my thinking what John did was way more spectacular.  Well, I always did think Lee Benson was a dope, and I have nothing good to say about the Deseret News any more.  John was way more gracious about it that I’ve been.
         January is flying by!  Who would’ve thought? 
         Lots of love, Mom