Sunday, February 9, 2020

Dear Kids,
         Dad and I have had a fun weekend.  Friday night Vanessa and her kids stayed over, before their ski day yesterday at Deer Valley.  I marveled when they carried in all their gear, each of them taking care of his own stuff.  I got out the pumpkin cookies and biscuits and milk, and we had fun talking, while Scout and Sonia tried to be the center of attention.  Earlier in the evening, while I was mixing up the biscuits, they sat on barstools  watching me, just like a couple of children.  Eventually Scout leaned over and bit Sonia, and that started a big fight.  Just like children.
         Yesterday morning Vanessa and her kids took off to ski, and Dad and I took off for the cabin.  This is my “good week,” (in between chemo,) and I had a little energy, so I hoped to get some work done there.  I hoped we could straighten out the bunk beds in the Kokopelli room.  When I made them 18 years ago, in the carport of our old house, I numbered and lettered every inside corner, so that when I took them to the cabin I could put them back together just the same.  But when the fire restoration people put them back together, they obviously didn’t pay any attention to my system.  So one bunkbed was leaning, some had bolts sticking way out, and in other places the bolts didn’t even come out far enough to have a nut on them.  Dad said the only thing was to take them apart again and try to put them together right.  So that was our Saturday project, only we didn’t get very far.  Everything about the cabin is taking way longer than it should, but still, we’re making progress.
         Yesterday afternoon we drove to Layton to get together with Paul and Stefanie and the Riebens, which we love to do.  Stefanie had fixed a delicious lunch of stuffed shells, and there was one corner of the pan with no sauce, for Josh and me. We always have a great time there.   Dad and I took some of our tools so we could show Paul how you cut off the bottom of a door, if it doesn’t clear the carpet.  It was a bathroom door that I had been noticing for a long time, and it was fun to finally take care of it. While I was chatting with Paul later, we were talking about the new temples in Orem and Taylorsville, and he said his firm, Forsgren Engineering, is the contracted engineering firm for Taylorsville city.  That means they’ll do the site plan for the temple.  Maybe Paul will get to work on it!
         Tomorrow I start another infusion of chemo, Monday to Wednesday this time.  So Thursday will be my bad day.  I’m glad I at least know what to plan for. Thanks again for all your prayers.
         Love, Mom