Saturday, February 15, 2020

Dear Kids,
         I did another round of chemo this week, and it went even better than last time.  Even on my “bad” day I was able to play the piano for a few minutes, read a little bit, and even sew some buttonholes on a pajama top I was making. I’ve got this!  I know it’s because of your prayers for me, and the prayers of your kids, and so many other good people.  I might not live a really long life, but I’m confident now I’ll have more time.
         Yesterday Dad and I went back to the cabin to work on putting the bunk beds back together.  We had to find the pieces that really fit together, instead of the random arrangement the restoration people used.  Since this was my chemo week I didn’t have much energy, but I was able to help hold up pieces for Dad to slip in the bolts.  We have to buy a lot of new bolts because the restoration people stripped so many of the old ones with their power drivers.  The project is coming along, but it’s slow.  By the way, did anybody leave a game at the cabin called “Klask?”  It has some kind of magnetic table, I think.  It’s too large to keep on the game shelves, so if nobody claims it, I’ll send it to the DI.
         How does a cat with no claws dig holes in a roll of toilet paper?  Sonia does it, but I can’t figure out how.  She especially likes brand new rolls, installed and ready for use.  Maybe I’ll try spraying each new roll with febreze.  It saved our Christmas tree from her!
         Dad gave me a rubik’s cube for Christmas, but I gave it back to him, because I wasn’t willing to go through that long learning curve.  I did it back in 1982, when I was expecting Donna,  those last few weeks before she was born.  I sat for hours reading the directions and figuring it out.  When I had it, I could do it in a couple of minutes, and the neighborhood kids brought me their rubik’s cubes to put back together.  (Which I always could, unless they had cheated by moving the stickers.)  Anyway, Dad’s been struggling with it.  He downloaded directions, and printed them, but with his black and white printer, which did him no good.  His cube was sitting out on his desk Sunday night, and later on, after our visitors had gone, he saw that it had been put back together.  Obviously that was one of our brilliant grandchildren!  Thanks to whichever of your kids did it!
         Life is good!  Spring is coming!  Love to everybody, Mom