Sunday, June 28, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Yesterday I had an all-day retreat with my five sisters, and it was a blast.  We ate out twice, partly worked a puzzle, and drove to the lot in Orem where Andy and Renae are going to build their new house.   Then we went to  an antiques mall in Springville, and later, back at Bonnie’s house, we took apart Grandma Allen’s scrapbooks, so we could divide out the pictures and give them to individual people.   That sounds like a depressing activity, but it was really pretty fun, because the pictures gave us lots of memories to talk about.  I was hoping to hear some good gossip to bring home, and I finally suggested that we go around the room, and everybody tell one scandalous story about their family.  Everybody said they didn’t have any scandals going on, and we don’t have any either, so that didn’t work out.  And there isn’t even any ordinary news.  No babies on the way (unless we don’t know) and no marriages planned.  There are six unmarried boys and two girls among the cousins, which isn’t much, any more.
        On Thursday evening Jana McGettigan came, and she stayed two nights.  On Friday morning we drove drove up to the top of Wolf Creek pass and out along the sheep camp road.  I knew there would be lots of different kinds of wildflowers that Jana could photograph, and the scenery is really spectacular this time of the year.  By the way, Jana won three categories (including the grand prize) in a recent Lehi City photo contest, and she won $400.  Go, Jana!  She really takes great pictures.   Friday afternoon we watched movies and gossiped.  Still no scandals to report!  Or marriages, or new babies.  The world has practically ground to a stop, probably because of the virus.
        My left toe, where I had the toenail removed, was still infected after a week, so now I’m on Septra.  And it still hurts!  I can’t wear any of my regular shoes, and my toes are too ugly for sandals.  Among my sisters, they all had really nice toenails, and they were all wearing cute sandals.  I envied them all.
        I’ve been planting more grass in the yard–regular lawn grass behind the house, out to my edging, and “meadow” beyond that, out to the playground.  With this nice hot weather it should germinate pretty fast.  I’m afraid I planted my front grass too early, and it was too cold for too long.  But I haven’t given up on it yet.
        Love to everybody, Mom