Sunday, June 7, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Eli’s baptism will be next Saturday, June 13, at 11:00 am at Tom’s stake center, 521 Est 500 North, in Heber.  There will be a lunch afterwards at Tom’s house, and you can call Kim for a food assignment.
        And, of course, Chloe’s baby blessing has been moved to next Sunday, June 14, at 5pm, at Paul’s house.  That’s because of today’s weather forecast. I don’t know how it’s been at your houses, but yesterday we had about an inch of rain in just a few minutes. It looked like a movie scene of a hurricane.  The far back part of our yard looked like a lake, but where I’ve planted the new grass, it was just fine.   The ground has been so wet that a couple of robins have been pulling out worms like crazy.  At first I thought they were eating our seeds, but when I look closely, I can see the worms in their beaks.  The robins run lickety-split across the lawn, stop on a dime, and pull up a worm.  I don’t know how they do it.  Our kitties have been trying to stalk them, but the robins are too fast.
        Last Tuesday was our 48th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated with three doctor appointments.  It was OK, because we don’t eat out, and I think the movie theaters are still closed, and we don’t travel.  So we saw doctors.  First was orthopedics, for Dad’s hip, where he’s had a little pain, and my hip, where I’ve got the stress fracture.  We had X-rays, and Dad’s hip is OK.  Mine has a torn labrum, besides the fracture.  I asked Dr. Wooten what he could do, and he really hesitated.  If he does a hip replacement it will take away my pain, but if anything goes wrong, it could be curtains for me.  Cancer patients get blood clots really easily, and just one could kill me.  Since my life is pretty good anyway, and it might not last long, he encouraged me to just stick it out.  But on the other hand, if I’m going to live several more years . . . . You can see it’s a hard decision for me.  At least I won’t have anything done until the end of the summer, so I’ll have as much time as possible for my yard and cabin projects.  After that I’ll think about it again.
        Our second doctor visit was routine–just a medication check with Dr. Newbold, our primary care guy.  He’s always good to talk to.  Then, we went over to the cancer center so I could get my port flushed out.  If you’re not having chemo for a few weeks, they flush it with heparin, to keep it clear.
        You can see our lives haven’t been very exciting.  But we have all you kids, and your spouses, and your wonderful children, so we don’t need anything else.
        Lots of love, Mom