Sunday, September 27, 2020

 Dear Kids,

Holy cow, conference is coming up next weekend!  It’s going to be a lot like April conference, broadcast from a small meeting room, and not in the Conference Center, with thousands of people.  The Saturday night meeting is going to be for everybody,  like it was in April, too.  I don’t want to give up our tradition of the Soup dinner, so I’m thinking we can still have that, next Saturday night, say at 5:00 pm, here at our house.  Then we can tune in conference on the big TV in our basement, and also on our main-floor family room TV.  If anybody wants to stay overnight at the cabin, or here at our house, contact me for reservations.  Then you can watch Sunday conference with us, too.  If you want to watch it at the cabin, you’ll need a hotspot.  Or something like Trent’s crazy antenna, made with a 2x4 and coat hangers, remember?  We have so many great conference traditions now!

Thursday night we had a get-together with my brothers and sisters at Richard’s cabin in American Fork canyon.  Dad and I took the short route, (but just as long in time,) through Midway, up to Cascade Springs, then to the Alpine Loop, and down to Tibble Fork.  I figured there wouldn’t be any traffic, but it seems Alpine Loop is always crowded, and sort of scary on that skinny little road.  We had a lot of fun with my family, though.  Andy and Renae talked about the troubles they’re having getting their new house built in Orem.  There’s a wood shortage, so part of their house is framed, and the other part is on hold.  I talked to Charley about his brain troubles.  He’s always glad to let people feel the holes in his head, and he’s on anti-seizure medication.  It’s a miracle he’s alive.  It’s a miracle none of my other brothers and sisters have died yet, either, and I’m very grateful.  I hope I won’t be the first one, but I don’t want to lose any of them first, either.  Katie wasn’t there, or Suzy, or Ben and Monica, or Mark and Kate.  Mark texted that he’d been exposed to Covid from several directions, through his YSA ward, so he wasn’t coming.  I would have been happy to see him anyway. 

Starting two weeks from today, our ward will be meeting every week, live! Relief Society, Elders’ Quorum, Primary, etc. will be later in the day through zoom, but we’ll actually have the sacrament together with our ward members every week.  Dad and I have enjoyed doing a little meeting with Donna and Bevan’s family almost every Sunday, and I’m going to miss that, but the fact that church is getting back to normal shows that this virus is on its way OUT! 

Life is good.  I love you all.  Mom