Sunday, September 6, 2020

Dear Kids,

        Dad and I had the wonderful privilege of going to the Vernal temple with Bentley yesterday afternoon.  He was lucky to get an appointment anywhere, since they only take one family at a time into the temple (and wipe everything down in between), and this particular session was just Dad and myself, Carl, Trieste, and Bethany, Tom and Kim, and Bentley. They’ve modified the procedures to accommodate the virus, too.  But it was still wonderful.  Dad and I haven’t been in any temple since March, and I’ve missed that peaceful feeling.  I’m so glad Bentley was able to be endowed before he leaves for San Antonio (and hopefully the Philippines, sometime in the future.) 

        There’s a birthday party for Stuart here at our house this afternoon at 5:00.  Nora is putting it on.  She’ll be serving ice cream and cupcakes, and there will be the usual fun.  We’ll put some chairs out on the front lawn for anybody who wants to keep a social distance from everybody else.  I’m sure it will be a great time for any an all of you who come.

        Paul and Stefanie have been at the cabin since Friday afternoon.  Dad and I went over to have dinner with them (and of course we wore our masks) and it was really nice to get together.  Chloe is getting so cute!  I knew every single grandbaby has been cute, and it always seems like each new one is even cuter.  Josh was busy running around, exploring every single detail of the cabin.  Saturday morning Dad and I went back there to work on our outside projects, and Josh ran back and forth in between us.  Dad is putting a coat of paint over the most decroded places on the bunkhouse, to try to preserve it until we can get the siding up.  I’m still working on the rock wall around the moose, and thankfully I’m almost done.  Josh watched me fill my giant decorating bag with mortar, and he said it looked like I was decorating a cake.  I said it was too bad he couldn’t eat it. 

        Dad and I are going to church this morning, and I get to play the organ.  We’re getting a new bishopric, so there will be two sessions, 9 and 10:30, first for last names A-K, and then for L-Z. I think that’s pretty ingenious.  Our present bishopric has been in for more than six years, so they’ll probably be glad for the change.  Naturally the rest of us are curious about who’s been called to replace them.  We have some wonderful people in our ward, so I can’t even guess.

        I hope you’re all doing great.  I love you all!  Mom