Saturday, December 19, 2020

 Dear Kids,

Dad and I had a blast watching the cousins’ gift exchange on Zoom last night.  Thanks, Tom, for setting it up.  It worked out really well!  It wasn’t quite like being there, but lots of fun watching Sharon’s and Paul’s and Al’s and Tom’s families remotely, besides the families that were there at Nora’s.  Next up, of course, is Christmas Day, and Dad and I hope to be able to drive around  Heber Valley and visit those of you who live there.  I hope I’ll be up for it.  My recovery is moving along, but slowly.  There’s less pain in my leg, but sometimes it still feels like a shark is biting through it.  But I’m not the only one suffering! Tom’s family is gradually getting well, and I’m glad none of them have been seriously ill.  All along I’ve been saying that the young people should spread covid around, since they’re not so susceptible to the symptoms, and then we’d all have herd immunity.  But it’s entirely different when it’s your own grandchildren.  I don’t want any more of them to get it. Al is still recovering.  Meanwhile, Ben dislocated his shoulder skiing and has to have surgery.  Nora had a “plasma?” injection into the torn ligament in her arm, which was so painful she had to take “nor-something,” (makes you really crazy.)   Heather had the stitches taken out of her eyelid, after her skin cancer surgery.  I forgot to mention–her eye was sewn shut for a week.  It’s been really hard for her.  And then there’s John.  He had hernia surgery on Thursday.  I called him Friday to see how he was getting along, and he’d just finished shopping at Costco–he filled up a whole cart!  At the hospital they’d given him oxycodone, which he didn’t need, and nausea pills, which he didn’t need . . . . This is so unfair!  I’m glad, of course, that he had an easy time of it.  I wish we were all so lucky.

I’m usually in charge of the after-Christmas sledding party, which I’m trying to do this year, and I dearly hope I can be there.  Even if I’m not, it’ll be fun and crazy.  First I thought we’d have it the day after Christmas, but Nora was talking about moving it into the next week.  Whatever you guys decide is fine with me!  Either Tom will make dutch oven potatoes, or we’ll have soups.   I’m guessing we’ll eat sometime in the early afternoon.  There hasn’t been much snow here at our house, but there’s usually twice as much at the cabin, and the hill is always good.  There are six red sleds hanging in the garage now, plus all the miscellaneous ones in the attic.  If I’m not there, you all know where everything is.

I assume all the college kids are glad to be done with the semester.  Sharon and Addie both had their last finals on Thursday.  Oh, I remember what a wonderful feeling that used to be for me!  Sharon’s 1/4 of the way finished with her nursing program now, but I have to warn you all–don’t tell her anything that’s wrong with you.  She immediately shifts into nurse mode and asks you all kinds of questions and pins you down on whether you’re doing the right things or not.  But it’s wonderful to have a nurse in the family! She’ll be a great benefit to all of us over the years.  Go, Sharon!

I’ve been working a puzzle on the dining room table, and the kitties have delighted in sitting on the pieces.  Finally I stacked up their two cat carriers and locked them in.  Funny thing–Scout loves his.  Sometimes he spends all day in it, curled up asleep.  I think he’s in hibernating mode.

Love to all, and Merry Christmas!  Love, Mom