Sunday, December 27, 2020

 Dear Kids,

What an odd Christmas Day we had!  I’m still pretty much down with my leg pain, and Dad developed back pain last Saturday night watching the cousins’ covid exchange party on zoom.  Backs are funny that way–he doesn’t even know what he did, but by bedtime he was in a lot of pain.  Finally, Tuesday morning, he went to the Park City instacare while I was having a CT scan at the hospital there.  They gave him some medicated ointment to rub on his back, and prednisone, too.  He feels a lot better now.  I was having a scan to see what my lung tumors have been up to lately.  I’ll find out the results on Monday afternoon.  My leg is gradually getting better, but it’s a slow process.  At least I’m not having any more shark attacks.

Oh, yes, Christmas.  Besides my leg and Dad’s back, Dad also had a stomach upset the night before, so it seemed better if we didn’t drive around to visit people.  But it still felt like Christmas!  We watched movies and worked a puzzle, and Nora’s family came later in the evening and made pizza.  Paige played Christmas songs on the piano, and Scout flopped on the floor beside her to listen.  (Anna played a concert for me last Monday night.)  Besides all that,  I got to talk to each of you on the phone.  It was all good.

From all reports, the sledding party yesterday was a great success.  Dad really enjoyed it, but I still didn’t have enough oomph to go.  I’m pretty sure there’s another sledding party this coming Saturday, but plans have been changing so often that I’m not sure. Nora knows everything.  Donna, too.  And Tom and Kim.  I’ve heard that Vanessa’s family can probably come then.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll be able to come, too, but I’m not taking any bets.  It’s really hard to be patient, though.  I expected to be all better by now, but that was before I started hearing horror stories about hip surgeries gone bad.  People don’t tell you that kind of thing beforehand.

Even though I’m not a good functioning hostess these days, our house is open now.  Sunday nights are fine.  If you come in and I’m not around, I’m probably upstairs in the recliner, or in the beanbag chair on the stair landing.  It’s my daytime hangout spot.  Nights, in the recliner, I’m draped with kitties. 

Yes, it’s all good.  Lots of love, Mom