Sunday, January 10, 2021

 Dear Kids,

The best news we’ve had all week is that senior citizens over 70 in Utah can be vaccinated for Covid, starting a week from Monday.  Sharon says it takes two doses; the first one gives you 65% protection, and the booster 95%.  I used to think I’d sit it out and just let everybody else get vaccinated, so the virus would go away, but now I want to get in on the excitement.  They also announced that educators would be vaccinated starting this coming Monday, so schools could get up and running again. Go, Utah!  Finally something good is happening.

Other medical news: Allen had hemorrhoid surgery on Friday, and it’s probably the most painful surgery you can have.  His doctor said there was no way around it–that’s just how it is.  That was the surgery that nearly killed me off 36 years ago.  (Oh, wait, it did!  I’m glad they sent me back.)  Allen told his doctor my sad story, and the doctor pointed out that things have improved a lot since 1985.  I’m so glad!  But I’m sure Allen can use all our prayers.

Still other medical news: Drew swallowed a little cylindrical magnet off a Christmas toy.  Donna asked him why he did it, and he said, “Because I wanted to.”  Naturally the magnet showed up really bright on the x-ray at Instacare.  Donna was supposed to retrieve it when it came through, but I haven’t heard if she really did.

On Friday I went to see my orthopedic doctor, 5 1/2 weeks after my hip surgery.  He said it’s healing normally, and things like my swollen feet and ankles will get better with time.  He really emphasized letting it take its time, and he said it takes a whole year for a hip to mend.  Whoa, I had no idea!  I told him I’d been doing my exercises and showed him how high I can kick, but I paid for it later in the day because my leg really hurt.  He said I don’t have to do the exercises any more.

Vanessa and Trent are in Hawaii and Sharon and her family are hoping to leave for Puerto Rico on Tuesday morning. Dad and I are sitting here in the cold, and there’s practically no snow on the ground.  It’s going to be like the winter of 1976-77, but I didn’t care back then.  Now I do.  But wait–if there isn’t much snow, that means the Jordanelle Perimeter Trail is clear.  Here I come, sore hip or not!

Lots of love, Mom