Sunday, January 17, 2021

 Dear Kids,

Is it possible I’ve got Covid?  I took the spit test yesterday morning at the Heber instacare, but I probably won’t know the result until tomorrow.  It doesn’t seem likely, except that I have a sore throat, snot in my sinuses, terrible fatigue, fever, sleepiness, and joint pain.  It hurts every time I move!  At least I don’t notice my sore hip as much! I wouldn’t have even taken the covid test if it weren’t for Dad.  If I’m positive, he needs to be tested, and I think quarantined, too.  I wish he would get something for a change, instead of me being the invalid all the time.  I would absolutely enjoy taking care of him.  Oh, wait, he had that back pain, but it only lasted for a couple of days.

Other medical news:  Al is recovering from his surgery, but very slowly.  When he gets well again, he deserves having nothing go wrong with him for a really long time.  Vanessa had a free Covid antibody test because she gave blood, and it showed she was positive.  We never doubted, because of her symptoms.  Ben’s shoulder is healing.  Drew passed the magnet.  I’m sure there’s lots of other medical news; it’s January, after all.

Our cats switched their Christmas presents from Nora: Scout took over Sonia’s cat cave, and Sonia took over Scout’s treat mouse.  He never could figure out how to get the treats out.  Sonia does it very scientifically–she knocks the mouse sideways, and the treats come out of the hole.  Sonia always wants to have her mouse while I’m cleaning up from breakfast, so I fill it up for her and put it carefully on the floor.  But Friday morning Scout was standing there too,  waiting for Sonia to get the treats. She was waiting for him to get lost so she could have them all for herself.  They stood there shoulder to shoulder looking at the mouse, neither of them moving, for about ten minutes.  I was done cleaning up by then, so I left.  When I came back later, the mouse was empty.

We have a heck of a deal on internet now, through the Salt Lake County Library.  When we were at the West Valley branch on Tuesday, Dad saw a sign that said they had hot spots.  Dad asked about it, and they had several available.  You check them out for 45 days at a time, and then you can renew online.  With Summit County, we had one for two weeks, and then it was a whole week before we could get it again.  I feel so smug now, that we haven’t signed up for any of the internet services around here.  They’re all over-priced, because they’re always bundled with TV.  But the deal with the SL Library is a great find!  Free internet 4 EVA!

I hope you’re still all enjoying the happy new year.  Ackersons rock 4 EVA! 

Lots of love, Mom