Sunday, April 11, 2021

 Dear Kids,

Hooray! Sterling’s mission papers are in!  We’re excited to see where he’ll be called.  Adelaide is working on hers already, I think, and I even heard that Jacob is doing his papers.  I’m so excited for our grandchildren to have that wonderful (and sometimes aggravating) mission experience.  I wouldn’t trade my mission for anything else I could have done, but I’d never want to go through it again, either.  If you want to get Bentley’s weekly letters on email, contact Kim.  They’re always interesting.

In two weeks (April 25) we’ll have another super Sunday event, at John’s house. (Not super spreader, probably, because even Vanessa has been vaccinated now.) Because of John’s meeting schedule, we’ll be getting together at 4 pm instead of 3.  So mark your calendars for the new time. It’ll be great fun!

Utah’s mask mandate ended at midnight Friday night, and  Summit county cancelled theirs too.  I hear most of Utah is out of bondage now.  But, ever downbeat, had a long article about all the places that might still mandate masks.  I’ll probably burn mine, though.  I haven’t worn it much, but it needs to go.  Nobody ever proved that masks helped.  It was like trying to stop mosquitos with a chain link fence.  

We haven’t had any snow since last Monday night, and our cats are enjoying the warmer weather.  They’re rolling in dirt again.  Even Sonia, who acts so delicate, comes in covered with dirt and grasses and little twigs.  Dad bought himself a new vacuum cleaner, and he fills it up every week with cat debris.  They want to keep him busy.

My pen pal Chandra Graham Garcia, who’s John’s age, sent me some school pictures of her two kids.  They’re our honorary grandchildren.  She says they complained to her that you kids had better toys than they do, based on the pictures in The Ackerson Kids Grow Up.  What a surprise! Maybe kids always think someone else’s toys are better, but I never though you had all that much.  Anyway, now you’re being envied.  Thought I’d pass that along.

What a family!  I’m so grateful for all of you!  Mom