Sunday, April 25, 2021

 Dear Kids,

I’m looking forward to Super Sunday at John’s house this afternoon.  The fun starts at 4:00pm.  It sounds like John’s fridge is broken, but I’m sure we’ll still have a good time.  There’s no stopping the fun with this crowd.

I just read a great news update on there’s going to be a spring storm starting tonight that will bring up to an inch of rain into northern Utah and a foot of snow in the mountains.  I know it’s been a long winter, and we’ve had a lot of storms, but they’ve been puny.  The farmers are worried about water, and at Dad’s coffee club (held in the deli of Food Town every morning) they were saying they might not even get one crop of hay this year.  So it looks like some of them have been doing some praying.  Let’s hope the storm hits hard, and then we’ll really be ready for spring after that.  Dad and I have been going to the cabin once or twice a week to work on projects, but it’s all inside stuff.  Still too cold outside.

Speaking of which, we’ve decided to demolish the play structure in back of the cabin.  The wood is all decroded and the shingles are mostly off and the whole thing leans.  Trying to repair it would cost more than it’s worth, so it’s coming down, and we’re going to put up the same tower-slide-swingset combo we have in our back yard here at the house.  It’s Lifetime brand, and it will definitely last longer than that thin wood.  So there’s going to be a combination birthday party for Dad and Dallin, along with a demolition party at the cabin on Saturday, May 29.  Oh, yes, and it will be the 20-year anniversary of when we moved our stuff into the cabin.  We have a lot to celebrate.  So, put May 29 on your calendars.  It’s Memorial Day weekend, but Saturday’s going to work out better than Monday.

Scout is not getting used to being an outside cat.  He sits at the back door and meows until we give in to his sorry face.  We have to set the timer and babysit him while he’s in, so he can’t misbehave. Dad and I take turns watching him, and after 20 minutes we toss him out again.  I know we haven’t been very diligent babysitters, (speaking of grandchildren) so we’re making up for it now.

I have red splotches on my face because Dr. Engen burned off some pre-cancerous places.  Hey, cancer loves me!  These aren’t the kind of cancers that kill you, though.  They’re just carcinomas. Dr. Engen says it’s better to burn them off now than cut them off later, and he knows what he’s talking about. 

Life is great, isn’t it?  I love you all!  Mom