Sunday, July 25, 2021

 Dear Kids,

By now Allen has given all of you your food assignments for the reunion, and last time I talked with him he was working out the final plans for Saturday.  Minnetonka cave is definitely on the schedule, for those of you who want to go.  It’s about an hour’s drive from Bear Lake.  I’m definitely not going because there are 85 steps to climb, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it, just after my second chemo infusion (which goes this Tuesday to Thursday.) So while some of you are going to the cave, Dad and I will be hanging around the camp site, or maybe we’ll drive down to Laketown with anybody who wants to go look around.  I think I remember a park there, and a funky old-time store.  But that was a long time ago.  Back to the cave–you can plan on that, at least.  And as Allen said in his text to you all, it’s not feasible to do Bloomington Lake the same day, because that’s also an hour away.  And then there’s also the possibility of go-carts, but Allen said he’d kept trying to call them to make a reservation, or see when their open-time was, but he couldn’t get them.  Maybe it’s settled by now.  At least we’ll have a lot of fun, whatever we do.

We’ve really enjoyed having Sharon and the younger kids here, but now they’ve moved on to the Thacker reunion.  As you know, it’s been very hot and dry here.  But one of the nights during Sharon’s visit there was a small rainstorm.  She sat on the front porch just enjoying the MOISTURE! she said.  It felt like home to her.

I think I’ve talked to everybody about our plan to have an Ackerson family dinner the afternoon of Julie’s wedding.  It’s at the cabin at 3pm, and all the food will come from Costco, so nobody has to cook.  Of course we wish everybody could be with Julie and Spencer at their luncheon, but there are so dang many of us, plus Heather’s family, plus Spencer’s, on both sides, with an extra generation thrown in.  I understand totally.  We’ll be thinking of them.  I guess they’re getting pretty excited by now.

Jana McGettigan came to visit Wednesday morning, and she was here overnight.  I was having murderous cramps that day, and she’s always pretty tired because of a chemo pill she’s taking now, so we just watched movies and talked.  We’re both in the same boat.  Thursday, after my piano class in Heber, we drove around and she took pictures.  She wanted to find some ducks on a pond, so we drove over to Wasatch Mountain State Park.  She took lots of pictures of the two white ducks, but they acted pretty spoiled.  The brown ducks wanted to be in her pictures too, and came swimming over.  (Or they just wanted food.)  It was lots of fun.

Life is fun.  I love you all.  Mom